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Food for Thought with Golo Joachim Pilz

Golo is an experienced meditation teacher who advocates for sustainable solutions through an ethical and value-based approach.

Golo is the founder and president of the charitable trust IndiaCare in Berlin. Since its foundation, IndiaCare has regularly supported various medical and scientific projects in India. In 1990, Golo moved to India and founded the Brahma Kumaris Solar Department. He is currently the adviser for renewable energy of the Brahma Kumaris and its sister organisation, the World Renewal Spiritual Trust. With technical and financial collaboration from the Indian and German Governments, Golo has initiated various innovative research projects focused on rural adaptation.

Golo has coordinated the design and construction of India 1MW solar thermal power plant at the Shantivan Campus in Rajasthan. Moreover, he is also the co-founder of the meditation platform ‘Yogis for Future.’

Food for Thought

Food for Thought provides an exciting space for people from different backgrounds to share their life stories. We want to enable people to learn from and be inspired by each other's life experience through storytelling in a safe, stimulating and inclusive social environment with a delicious dinner!

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