Sur del Sur

Five fantastic musical talents from the South of the South: Lorenzo Cavalli, Julieta Rod, Matius Morales, Gabriela Eunice and Sebatián López

Sur del sur is a collective group looking forward to develop the Argentinian and South American artistic culture in Denmark and the rest of Europe, beyond the mainstream. The initiative is based in Copenhagen and this evening Sur del Sur will present no less than five resident South American musicians.

Lorenzo Cavalli

Lorenzo Cavalli is a Uruguayan pianist and composer born in 1993. He has already made three albums, "Nurva" (2018), "Desde Adentro" (2019) and "Lo que va a quedar" (2021). Among his artistic search are many influences of jazz and improvisation as well as the search for minimalist and ambient piano textures.

Matius Morales

Matius Morales is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter from Argentina, who has lived in Copenhagen
since 2010. As a solo artist makes Morales experiment in various musical expressions with European, American and Latin American inspiration.


Sebastian López is a Colombian singer/songwriter who mixes blues with Latin American rythms. With his songs, Sebastian will take you through a journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast of Colombia. The format of the concert is a guitar, a voice and many stories to share and enjoy.

Julieta Rod

Julieta Rod is an argentinean singer/songwriter currently residing in Copenhagen writing dreamy indie pop with an affinity for folk nostalgia, melancholic love songs and hopeful yearning.

She released the breezy single ‘Luz De La Manana’ in 2021, produced by Fernando Nicolosi, showcasing a new and more electronic approach to her music. It displayed an array of 808’ style bass thumbs, electronic beats, and samples of bird-song folie, without, however, losing sight of her own distinct style of songwriting.

Gabriela Eunice

Born in Buenos Aires in 1987 and living in Copenhagen, artist and singer Gabriela Eunice has been exploring her voice through performances, jazz music and experimental projects. In addition, she works in architecture and literature, where she uses her knowledge in performing arts, sound and light. This time she presents a repertoire that takes her back to her roots.



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