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A house for Copenhageners from around the world

Union is a culture house located on Nørre Allé 7 in Nørrebro in Copenhagen. Union was called the World Culture Center until March 2019, where we changed our name. The culture house has existed since 1993 and has, throughout the years, been a lighthouse for intercultural work in Denmark. Over 20 different associations and organizations are located in Union, and many more have regular activities in the house.

Union disposes of the venue Aula on the 1st floor, a dance room, audio studios, meeting rooms and much more. The socioeconomic restaurant Send Flere Krydderier (Send More Spices) provides the culinary experiences in the café.

The venue ALICE (a fusion of Jazzhouse and Global) is housed in Union's concert hall in the backyard, and the artists that ALICE puts on stage in Union and at guest venues around the city are leading artists of jazz, electronic and global roots.

The vast majority of the cultural content at Union consists of citizen-initiated co-creation projects with an intercultural focus, such as talks, theater, spoken word, screenings, exhibitions, festivals and concerts. More than 400 events take place in Union annually.

Union is a cultural center under the City of Copenhagen, and is part of the unit DIT: KBH which also houses Kraftwerket, Huset Kbh, Krudttønden, Villa Kultur, Onkel Dannys Plads, Basement, Kulturhuset Indre By and Kulturcentret Kildevæld.