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Union's manifesto

In Union, we believe that it is more better to mix things up, than it is to divide.
  • In Union, we believe it is more beautiful to mix than to divide. We want to show that the beauty and the fruitful are found in the composed.
  • In Union you get international views and global insight through engaging experiences in the fields of culture and knowledge.
  • In Union you are in a cultural laboratory. Union engages in your time and your society. The diversity of Copenhagen, creativity and dilemmas are reflected in our profile.
  • In Union, compromise is a positive word. Because when we make compromises, we engage with others in a process where we give away power, alter our oppinons and meet each other with curiosity.
  • In Union we believe that the good experiences arise when we ourselves can help put our imprint on the experience. We move as people when we participate actively and create new knowledge in interaction with others.
  • In Union, we have a committed community that is both stimulating and challenging. The ambitious organizations that live here are part of Union because they dare to take the lead and set the agenda within their respective fields. They characterize Union in their daily work, just as they challenge and inspire far beyond the walls of the culture house.