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Become a member in Union

  • Bliv medlem af Union
You and your organisation can apply for becoming af member of Union

Around in Union's offices and workspaces are a large number of organizations that all have in common that they work in the field between culture and knowledge, with an aim to change and inspire. In the house we work across culture and origins and in this way Union supports the goal of being a platform for the hybrids created in the meeting between Copenhagen's many cultural expressions. The composition is a diverse mix of established cultural organizations, grass roots and interest organizations. You can become part of the community where we support, challenge and learn from each other. As a member of Union, you will have the space to unfold your projects, ideas and work while at the same time accessing multiple platforms for cultural hybrids. There are currently a couple of vacancies in the open office on the second floor, where we in Union assess who can bring something into the profile of the house and will even gain most frombeing part of the House. If you would like to become a member of Union, please contact us and we will get back to you:

Criterias and posibilities:

  • We currently have a waiting list and we allow ourselves to prioritize associations and organizations working on global issues and intercultural dialogue, as well as assessing who will play a good role in internal dynamics with the other members of the Union.
  • With a membership in Union, you get your office space in an inspiring environment, with kitchen access and also a discount in the city's most fragrant café, with the sweet women in Send More Spices. If you have a space in Union you can freely use the meeting room on the 2nd floor and there is the possibility of good prices on the use of other rooms in the house, such as our venue Aula, Dynamo for meetings and movement, small broadcast studios on the 3rd floor and a small scale conference room. You will also have the opportunity to use several of the house's venues for events or projects in dialogue with the house staff and be able to get advice and support to create culture around the city. Most importantly, you will be part of a creative community and have access to a powerful network that is always ready with good advice and can offer exciting collaborative projects.