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MassCaring! Un-masking the caring city

01 dec


tir. 01. dec. kl. 16.30 til kl. 19.30
An evening to imagine a more caring urban future in a post-pandemic era, through interactive exhibits, games and an exploratory walk.

What are the spaces that the city provides us for imagining? Imagination is a playful exercise, and we stopped playing a long time ago. For thinking differently we need space. Space and time: two lacking assets of our neoliberal systems. Since COVID entered our lives, we have been forced to slow down, to stop, to open our eyes. We cannot enjoy freely our urban spaces, or one another’s company as before.

Instead, we enter the city masked - our new accessory, an indispensable item. Something intimate. In this COVID context, masks represent the virus that harms our public life.

Rather than fixating on the act of covering, how can we reimagine this rectangle as a bluescreen, an opportunity? How might we take the mask as a starting point, to reimagine the kinds of cities we would like to live in? Caring cities, spaces of imagination, of play, of creativity. Places of being, rather than doing and producing.

Taking this opportunity, we have created this space, to provoke new kinds of urban imaginings. MassCaring: Unmasking the Caring City will be an evening to engage with these questions we have been grappling, through interactive exhibits, games and an exploratory walk. We invite you to join the process.

Your hosts: Hailing from around the globe, Urban Femina is a feminist collective of nine women exploring new ways of living in the city.