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Women's Entrepreneurship Day - hosted by Céline Faty

19 nov


19.11.2019, 10:00 til 16:45
We want to celebrate women in business and some of their amazing achievements.

Take Action Now would like to celebrate the "Women Entrepreneurship Day" Tuesday 19th November 2019 from 10h to 16h30 here in Copenhagen, Denmark at Union. The idea of the event is to encourage and empower women to unlock their potential and to help those who dream of opening their own business.

This day will be celebrated in two parts:

First, we will invite several successful women to give a short presentation (approximately 10 - 12 minutes) on their achievements and on how they overcame their challenges. This is in the hope that everyone in the room will leave motivated, ready to follow their dreams and create big things for society as a whole. We believe that their “voice” will be beneficial to like-minded individuals who attend the event.

The second part will be:

An Entrepreneurial Speed Dating

This will be a unique opportunity to have relaxed and personal chats with some of the most successful Entrepreneurs in Denmark, Sweden and Paris. We will welcome the audience to sit around a table with three founders of highly renowned international start-ups from various sectors and everyone will get answers to all of their questions on how they can start their own business!

As this event location has limited spots available, applicants will have to answer a few questions in the registration form for candidate screening.