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Quotas are for fish not the solution to equality in tech

11 dec


11.12.2019, 17:00
Join this Impactr_X debate about how we can take concrete actions to create a common ground where all humans are represented fairly in tech

Who will you meet?
You will meet an interesting panel of experts and practitioners, each with their own perspective on the topic. Stay tuned for announcements!

The event will take place 11th December 2019; 17.00 pm at Union KBH, Nørre Allé 7, 2200 copenhagen

IMPACTR_X is a platform for creating exchange of knowledge, viewpoints, ideas, solutions and actions, with the objective to create actionable outcomes that accelerate change, and bring a sustainable future closer.

IMPACTR_X brings together diverse stakeholders from the community who come at the topics with different angles to spark strong and constructive discussions. IMPACTR_X sessions are independently run and organised by IMPACTR Ambassadors all over the world.

About Impactr

IMPACTR is a global community with a shared vision to accelerate the sustainability revolution. We are people located all over the world that think global, and act local.

IMPACTR is building the world's most trusted social action platform, and is on a mission to make sustainability action accessible for everyone. We aim to redirect a huge portion of the unused human potential into collective impact.