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Jamming with Mukti Shakya

25 sep


lør. 25. sep. kl. 18.00
100 kr.
NMF presents an evening with one of the founding fathers of Nepalese rock: Mukti Shakya

Mukti Shakya is a man with musical soul and he is enourmously popular In Nepal. He is considered to be one of the founding fathers of rock music in Nepal with his band Mukti and Revival. He is a known as the Nepalese King of Blues, and has been an important institution in the Nepalese rock scene for decades. He is still rocking with everlasting awesomeness and is a huge inspiration to all upcoming and new musicians in Nepal.

This evening Mukti will be jamming with a select group of local musicians.

Tickets: 100 kr. at the door.

About NMF denmark

Nepal Music Festival, Denmark is a nonprofit organisation which is run by actively involved volunteers living in Denmark. NMF Denmark is associated with NMF, Nepal and works in a close collaboration and coordination in various project and organisational activities.
Music and culture has always been a ground ingredient for NMF Denmark and has always been actively involved since the beginning of its foundation. NMF Denmark always promotes Nepalese music, musicians and culture and at the same time integrates with Danish and international music and musicians. MUSIC is a universal language that brings people together to peace and progress in the society and community.

NMF Denmark team likes to create a social space and community “Social Hub” where people can come and Socialise. Participating in this jamming is all about getting away from the busy life once in a while and entertaining yourself and others through music, Socialising, sharing ideas and feelings with friends and society that create a social bond between us.

At the same time we want to promote Nepalese artist, upcoming musicians by providing the platform.
After a long covid 19 Pandemic we are back on continuing the Jamming Project.