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Women of My Tribe

Women of My Tribe er en frivillig forening, hvor medlemmerne støtter hinanden på både det personlige og forretningsmæssige plan

Women of my Tribe - Denmark is a non-profit organization helping aspirant women to learn valuable skills for personal and entrepreneurial growth and development.

Our vision

Build a community of empowerment and resources for women to learn; share knowledge,
create, and collaborate to effect positive change in their lives, businesses, and communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support, guidance and tools to women entrepreneur in Denmark

  • in their project or business idea, to start or grow business
  • to overcome loneliness and isolation in entrepreneurship
  • to sustain motivation, make progress, and achieve their goals.

Our values

  • encouragement through provision of mentoring and consultation
  • we provide online and physical platforms for debate and discussion about development options and aspirations
  • we want to share and use the knowledge, interests and skills that every individual in the community likes to contribute with.